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Traveling during sleet or snow can lead to some unexpected car problems. When a big chill is coming or you’re caught in an unexpected snow storm, it pays to have a few tips and tricks in your arsenal. Haus Auto Group service center near Youngstown has a few winter weather hacks so you can remain prepared.

Conquer Winter Weather Near Youngstown

1. Thaw Icy Locks with Hand Sanitizer

If you’re without a commercial lock de-icer, don’t worry. Hand sanitizer could help de-ice your lock quickly and easily. Coat the end of your key in a generous amount of hand sanitizer and insert it into the keyhole, making sure to get as much of the product into the lock as possible. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer should melt the ice and get you back on the road in no time at all.

2. Get Your Car Out of Snow with Kitty Litter

If you’re having trouble gaining traction, you can find a quick fix with this handy product you might have lying around the house. Spreading some kitty litter directly in front of the stuck tires may help them grip. We at Haus Auto Group swear by this hack and strongly recommend keeping some inexpensive litter in your trunk!

Winter Weather Service Near Youngstown

3. Prevent Your Windshield Wipers From Freezing With Old Socks

By lifting your windshield wipers and putting old socks over each one, you can prevent them from sticking to your windshield. Be prepared for freezing weather by keeping a few pairs of old socks in your glove box.

4. Cover Your Side Mirrors With Plastic Bags to Prevent Frost Buildup

Covering your side mirrors with plastic bags can help your side mirrors from freezing. If you find yourself in freezing weather, rain, or snow, simply put a plastic bag over each mirror to keep them from icing over. No more scraping ice off your mirrors in the cold!

These winter weather hacks are here to help you get through the winter months without hassle. If you have any questions or need some more tips, contact us at our Youngstown area service center today!

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