Why Is My Car Making Spooky Sounds?

What was that?

An eerie creak? A hissing black cat? The knocking and tapping and rattling of chains? Those spooky noises you’re hearing aren’t being caused by some vengeful spirit or spell-slinging witch – it’s your very own vehicle telling you that something is dreadfully wrong under the hood. To avoid your vehicle becoming possessed by more serious mechanical issues, our Canfield service center is here to tell you why your car is making spooky sounds. 

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Spooky Sound #1: Clicking or Grinding

While giants may grind up your bones to make their bread, your vehicle is making that noise for an entirely different reason. When your brake pads begin to wear down, you may start to hear a clicking noise each time you press on the pedal. If your brakes have completely worn away, you’ll hear a loud grinding noise. It’s best to take your vehicle in for servicing to ward off the scariest thing of all: failing brakes.

Spooky Sound #2: Rear Rattling

If you begin to hear a rattling noise as you drive, you have a bigger problem than the skeletons in your closet. Check to make sure your teeth aren’t chattering, then check your exhaust system. If you begin to hear a rattling noise as you drive, your car’s exhaust system might need a tune-up.

Spooky Sound #3: Flapping

A sound like the flapping of a bat’s wings may be the cause of a broken fan belt. Depending on how loud the noise is, flapping is a sign that something is worn and needs to be replaced in the near future.

Spooky Sound #4: Metallic Clacking

If your car sounds like a mournful ghost rattling its chains, you may have a problem with your CV joints. These joints are located at the end of the axles, could potentially be on their way out.

Spooky Sound #5: Tapping or Hammering

It’s not a raven tap, tap, tapping on your chamber door. It’s your car’s bearings! This noise is typically associated with problems related to rod bearings, which could require removing the entire powertrain to fix.

Spooky Sound #6: Hissing

If you’re hearing a hissing noise as you drive, you could have a leak in your cooling system. If you schedule a service appointment with us and we find that’s not the case, well...let’s hope your neighbor’s pet boa constrictor hasn’t escaped and made a new home somewhere in your vehicle. 

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