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If you, like countless other Americans during this unprecedented time, have found yourself impacted by shelter-in-place orders, business closures, or remote work, then you may find your time on the road is a bit less than normal. With your vehicle likely to stay parked in place for some time, much like yourself, you may be wondering how long your car can sit without being driven. Allow our Canfield used car service center to shed some light! 

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Every vehicle is different and may be impacted by different factors, such as the condition of your car’s battery as well as the temperature and environment surrounding the car. As a general rule, our certified technicians recommend starting up your car and driving for at least 20 minutes, once every two weeks.

What Happens if I Let My Car Sit For Too Long?

When you allow your vehicle to stay parked in one place for too long, you may find yourself saddled with costly repairs down the road. If you haven’t moved your car in some time, be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • Dead Battery: Even if your car is brand new, the battery can die if left too long without a charge! Modern electronics can also drain your car’s battery if left untouched for too long. It’s important to take your vehicle out for a short, safe drive once every two weeks to keep your battery fresh.
  • Rusted Brake Rotors: Rust can form on the surface of your brake rotors if left unused for a few days. Humid environments are the main culprit, and can gradually affect brake-pedal feel.
  • Flat-Spotting: Are your tires properly inflated? it’s important to check your tire’s pressure and routinely move your vehicle. Some tires can develop flat spots if they remain immobile for long periods of time.

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Following these simple steps can ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape the next time you need to start it up. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Canfield used car dealership today!

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